Hire Anatoly


My name is Anatoly Spektor, I am web Developer, Blogger,Software Engineer and SEO.

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3 Responses to Hire Anatoly

  1. Egbert says:

    Very nice the polling module for BBB.
    How does the result of the poll look?
    Kind regards,
    Egbert K

    • Hello Egbert,

      The interface of the result window is under development right now, and most probably it will be finished together with the whole module right before Christmas.

      Subscribe to the blog if you want to get latest updates, and demo videos of the development process.



  2. Mike Carissa says:

    Very nice polling module.
    But how can I integrate that polling module with database ? for e.g polling list must be load from database and polling view must be as per pre-added questions and options in database.

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