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How to ensure that filename is always unique ? [Ruby]

Hey guys! Happy New Year! I am glad to be back this year with some interesting news. Thank you for blasting my mailbox with your questions and suggestions! I will do my best to answer all of them as soon … Continue reading

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Java Helper Class: BMI calculator, lb to kg converter, kg to lb converter, feet to cm converter, cm to feet converter

Hey Guy’s, Long time no seen. Today I want to share with you Java helper class that I have designed for one  of the projects I am working on. This class will be useful for you, if your application works … Continue reading

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What is Standard Widget Toolkit for Eclipse (SWT) ?

Here I am at my new workplace. Next 8 months I will be working in Eclipse team, on migration of SWT  from GTK2 to GTK3. If these words does not tell you much, don’t worry, I am pretty much in … Continue reading

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GitHub: How to clone GitHub repo ? How to push to Github? How to get files from GitHub ? (Ubuntu)

GitHub is an online repository. Many people find it very confusing to use GitHub, so I’ve decided to share my experience of using it on Linux Ubuntu. So in this post we will discuss: 1. How to set up and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu – Open Office Bug: The user interface language cannot be determined

I had this error today when trying to access Open Office. The Ubuntu was freshly Installed and packages looked ok. So there could be only one thing that was wrong: Permissions

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C language: How to use STRUCT (typedef, “->”)

I was revising the material from first part of semester of my studies and decided to share it with you, maybe you will find it useful. Have Fun! Cheers!

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