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SWT migration from GTK+ 2.x to GTK+ 3.x : Introduction

In the earlier post I was exploring Standard Widget Toolkit. I have created simple application to see how SWT works. In this post I want to show couple of reasons, why SWT cannot be easily migrated from GTK+ 2.x to … Continue reading

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Big Blue Button: How to compile bbb-client on Ubuntu using mxmlc [BASH SCRIPT]

One of the problems, that I have encountered when installed Big Blue Button client on Ubuntu, was that Flash Builder does not work on Unix platforms. So there were no options for me compiling a single module. The only options … Continue reading

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Ubuntu – Open Office Bug: The user interface language cannot be determined

I had this error today when trying to access Open Office. The Ubuntu was freshly Installed and packages looked ok. So there could be only one thing that was wrong: Permissions

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How to setup Dual Monitor in Ubuntu 10.04 using nVidia driver

Yesterday I was installing Ubuntu 10.4 for my new project and everything went smoothly until it finished installing and I logged in. My screen resolutions was terrible, so I went to System->Preferences->Monitors and the first thing i saw was: When … Continue reading

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How to run and compile C language programs ?

This post dedicated for people, who never ran  and never compiled C programs. In this tutorial I will explain how to do it both in *nix operating systems and Windows. However, I recommend you to you Unix in your programming. … Continue reading

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