Big Blue Button – Exploring Architecture Part 1 – User Interaction With System (RTMP, HTTP, NGNIX)

Big Blue Button is a complex system, that consist of  many different components that are  working together as one  big network.

In this post i’ll start my discovery of BBB by looking at the first step of BBB process – User interaction with System.

So user interacts with system through browser with Flash Player pre-installed. Interface of BBB is done in Flash and also, as i understand , Flash is chosen by BBB architects, because it is   one of those languages that allows very easy to  send/receive audio and video streams.

When user  communicates with the system, the system sends the request to the web server  using RTMP or HTTP protocols.  HTTP is a hyper-text protocol and this term should be clear because most of the browser- server  interactions are through the HTTP protocol, however, for me, RTMP is something that i do not widely use , that’s why i decided to explore a bit more on RTMP.

RTMP stands for   “Real Time Messaging Protocol” . In  BBB, RTMP  is  used to transfer the video, audio and data using Flash Player    from the  user  to the web server. In  case  of  BBB it is very important, because the whole user-server interaction is done through Flash, and mostly consist of  Binary Data (like uploading presentation), Video and Audio requests.  HTTP encapsulates  data in RTMP and tunnels it to the  web server using port 80.  On the other end, of this interaction,  is a web server called  “Nginx”.

Nginx plays very important role, it  sends information received from user to one of two proxies  bbb-web or bbb-aps (we will talk about them later), in other words main mission of Nginx is to guide RTMP requests to  bbb-aps and HTTP to bbb-web.

That’s all  for today, tomorrow I will explore more on “bbb-web” and “bbb-aps” components, and I am also going to blog  about Grails,tomcat and MySQL collaboration.


About Anatoly Spektor

My name is Anatoly Spektor (originally Anatolijs Spektors) I am Software and Web Developer. I have worked in Seneca Center for Development of Open Technology on Big Blue Button Add-on - Polling Module, Red Hat and some other places :) I am an author of the book 'Eclipse Debugging How To', Muay Thai fighter and amateur photographer ;)
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3 Responses to Big Blue Button – Exploring Architecture Part 1 – User Interaction With System (RTMP, HTTP, NGNIX)

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  2. venkatesh says:

    is it possible to import jomsocial profile users inside bigbluebutton?

  3. Good question. Is jomsocial integration possible?

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